Say Goodbye With These Awesome Going Away Gifts for Programmers

Saying farewell is part of the cycle of life. In today's working world, we're far more likely to be saying “goodbye” to someone than we are to be saying “hello.” The nature of work is such that it's rare to have lifelong co-workers anymore.

Whether it's the end of a semester-long internship, a long-standing employee's retirement, or simply an abrupt goodbye from someone who's ready to move on, there will be countless times you’ll need to part ways with a co-worker. It's always appreciated to give the person leaving a parting gift. These going away gifts for programmers are the perfect way to say farewell.

Farewell Party

This iconic parting event is still a staple of saying goodbye. Gather the team for one last meal together. Recount some of the challenges you've faced, the best projects you've worked on, and the things you'll miss about your team member.

It can be as large or as small as makes sense for your organization. Buy lunch for the office and have everyone mingle together for an hour or so to relax and say their farewells. Or, reserve a table at a restaurant and feast together into the late hours of the night. No matter when you choose to host it, a farewell party is sure to be a hit, and your team member will greatly appreciate it.


Depending on your organization's structure, your team member may have been required to dress in a way that didn't quite mesh with their personality. Why not send them on their next journey with a thoughtful clothing item that they'll use again and again?

A T-shirt is a simple gift, but one that will see its due use. Your co-worker will be reminded of what an awesome experience they had working with your company every time they wear it.

Here at Nerdlettering, we offer hand-designed T-shirts for dynamite Python developers. If your team member is known for being a Pythonista, then one of these shirts is the perfect gift for them.

Digital Photo Frame

This is a sweet and memorable gift that your team member will look at fondly in the years to come. Digital photo frames  give you the chance to showcase some of the fondest memories from your organization. It's easy-to-view format makes it a simple yet awesome gift for your team member.

In the days following up to your team member's departure, have their co-workers send in pictures of themselves. You can include a theme, like making a silly face or holding up a sign. Or you can keep it simple and just ask everyone to smile for the camera.

Coffee Mug

Coffee is a staple of millions of workers across the globe. Send your team member on their way with a very lovely mug. Mugs for coffee or tea are an amazing idea for any coder that loves to top off with some caffeine at the start of the day.

Choose one that has lots of love in the lettering and design, like the ones we offer for Pythonistas. Your co-worker is sure to get lots of questions about the mug—and when someone asks them where they got it, they'll be sure to say it came from you!


If you're looking for something to celebrate the unique qualities of your team member, then you can't do much better than a tailored award. The simple act of presenting one speaks volumes to the recognition that you want to show them.

You may have something that you'd like to award them for, but if you can't think of it all on your own, then ask their co-workers for ideas. Pick something that's unique and that reminds you of your team member.

The award can be as simple as a printed certificate with a pre-made design, or you can work with companies like this one to create a custom-made, high-quality award that they'll want to display forever.

Gift Basket

A gift basket is a traditional present that can do no wrong. Filled with various items with a myriad of uses, your team member is sure to find something to love.

Fill the basket up with a hand-written letter, a small bottle of wine, an engraved pen or notepad, and other small accessories your team member will appreciate. If you want to go the extra mile, why not combine some of the gifts from this list into a mega-basket of appreciation? Add in the digital photo frame, coffee mug, a rolled-up T-shirt and their special award—and present it at the farewell party! Your team member is sure to be overjoyed with the amount of love and appreciation you've expressed towards them.


As the saying goes, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” But it doesn’t have to be! Make the most of your goodbye with these ideas. Your team member is sure to be grateful.

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