Developer Desk Setup: Essential Tools for Your Workstation

When your workstation isn't setup properly, it can be hard to concentrate. Disorganized chaos and lacking the right tools can leave you unfocused and scrambling for a sense of control. What's more, cold and lifeless desk setups can leave you feeling unmotivated and wanting to be anywhere else. Here are a few essential tools you'll need to feel like your desk is a warm and inviting place to get stuff done.


Even in this day and age of touch-screen tech, there's always a need to write something down. When you don't have writing utensils handy, it's a mad scramble to find one.

Be prepared and make sure you keep your desk stocked with fresh pens and pencils. When your pens start to dry out, don't leave them scattered about! Toss them and get new ones. It's also a good idea to have a pen with a stylus so that you can use them with your touch-screen devices as well.


This goes hand and hand with the above: where there's a pen, you’re going to need paper. Keep a notepad handy so that you can jot down project ideas, take notes from an impromptu meeting, or even just sketch out your code before moving to the text editor. There's a visceral connection between our memory and the written word, and you may find your workflow improving as a result.

If you're environmentally conscious and don't like the idea of wasting scraps of paper for notes, then try a tool like this portable dry-erase whiteboard. It gives you the convenience of note-taking with the peace of mind that you won't have to recycle so much paper.


While touchpads are a staple on most laptops these days, desktops still require the use of a mouse. There are also those who prefer the wider range of motion that a mouse can afford them. The ease of navigation a mouse can provide you gives it a place as an essential tool for your workspace.

You don't have to buy a generic mouse, either. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, some with additional customizable features. Find one that fits well in your hand and relax knowing that this simple yet essential tool is taken care of.


Using a mouse necessitates another tool: a mouse pad. Computer mice are hard (if not impossible) to use on certain surfaces. The mouse pad negates this issue by providing a portable surface that your mouse will always glide along smoothly.

For any Python developers out there, you can support your mouse and your love of the language with a hand-designed mouse pad!

Second Monitor

It's vital to be able to use multiple screens when working on a project. How frustrating is it to need to look at requirements and draft a function at the same time? Well, if you had a second monitor then it wouldn't be very frustrating at all!

You might be lucky enough to work for a company that has a dual-screen setup as the default. But if not, then you might want to invest in a second monitor to help step up your workflow.

Coffee Mug

If caffeine is what gets you through the day, then a coffee mug should be an essential staple on your developer desk. Buy one (or two) just for the office and leave them on your desk. Even if you don't drink coffee, you can still use a mug to organize the pens you should have readily available!

We make coffee and tea mugs with original designs for Python developers who want to showcase their swag. Check them out! They're a great way to bring some fun to your daily stand-up meetings.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Your co-worker keeps tapping you on the shoulder to chat. Your boss is walking around talking loudly with a potential investor on the phone. The vent above your head is broken and there's an annoying scratching sound coming from inside... Argh! How in the world are you supposed to concentrate?!

Headphones are a godsend for anyone who has to work in a noisy environment. They silence the space around you, offering some much-needed peace and quiet to focus. Not to mention they deter others from interrupting you!


We all want to be in a space that feels good. It's why we decorate our homes, spruce up our cars, or personalize our office spaces. Making your desk feel like a good place to be will help you stay relaxed and positive through the daily grind.

Express yourself by enhancing your desk with items that make you feel good. That could be a favorite stuffed animal, a geeky figurine, or a picture of your family. Pythonistas might love to decorate their laptops or workstations with these fun stickers. Whatever you do, make sure you make your space truly feel like it’s your space.

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