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On this page we post photos, testimonials, and reviews that Nerdlettering customers shared with us. If you want your desk setup featured on this page, drop us a line 😄

"I love the mug, it looks great on my desk"

Pythonista Mug

 Source: Twitter

"Topping off with coffee at the start of my shift"

Pythonista coffee mug

Ready to begin the day:

Pythonista mug sitting in a coffee machine

"Python it's good for you" mug in black, filled with coffee

"The cup is very nice and I think my friend will love it" — Stylianos Tsesmetzis

Nerdlettering Python Mug Photo

In a pinch, our Pythonic mugs also make excellent penholders 😉

"from tea import *" Python mug used as a penholder

"They look great! I am a bit of a sticker junkie but they still stand out"

Pythonista Sticker Laptop Front

Pythonista Sticker Laptop (Back)

"A perfect match"

Pythonista Mug and a coffee maker in front of a laptop with stickers

"So much love in just a single cup :D"

"These cups and accessories are an amazing idea and there's so much ❤️ in the lettering and design. I'm tempted to start collecting :-)

In terms of delivery, my first order arrived super fast and was packaged very well. The print quality is great as well. Definitely worth the $$$!"

Sebastian Vetter, Software Developer & Pythonista

Thanks for the design inspiration, Josh!

"I love my Python shirt"

" I love it – both the shirt itself and the opportunities it affords for me to explain it to others when they ask about it :)"

Peter Madziak, Pythonista

"My love of python now expressed in cup form."

"This cup is great - nothing like downing some coffee in the morning with a dictionary, and a nice pairing of key values. Super fast shipping, great print quality - I'm extremely satisfied. Two thumbs up!"

Shawn Jansepar, Director of Engineering at Mobify

from tea import * Python Mug

We ship our products worldwide—for example, this lovely photo is from a Pythonista in Siberia:

Nerdlettering Python mug with "from coffee import *" written on it in Siberia