Gifts for the Budding Coder in Your Life

There’s a kid out there you know who wants to be a developer someday. It could be your niece, who’s always had a penchant for programming. Or maybe it’s the kid next door who wants to grow up and be just like you. Whoever it is, you want to encourage them in their dream. What can you give them to show your support? We’ve got some ideas for you!

A Useful Book

Kids are used to learning from books, but they're not always the most interesting ones. Textbooks can be dry and boring and turn kids off from important information.

Ignite a passion for reading by giving a young coder a book that they'll want to devour in one sitting. For instance, Python Tricks is a handy guide for any budding Pythonista. This amazing resource will take them through some of the lesser-known features of Python. Their skills will skyrocket in no time!

An Awesome Shirt

You thought this would be a good idea, but you can’t help imagining a young child throwing grandma’s hand-made sweater at the Christmas tree. Don’t kids hate clothes as presents? Rest assured,  older kids are more likely to appreciate this thoughtful gift, especially if it allows them to express a crucial aspect of their personality.

Encourage the blossoming of an up-and-coming programmer with a T-shirt or hoodie. Here at Nerdlettering, we offer hand-lettered designs to help budding Pythonistas profess their love for the language!

A Second Monitor

You know how vital it is to be able to use multiple screens when working on a project. A kid who's just started out learning how to code might not know this, and yet face the very same frustrations that we do when needing to look at requirements and draft a function at the same time.

Get them used to the programmer workflow by helping them set up a dual-screen workspace. Whether it's a legit second monitor or an HDMI cable hooked up to an old TV that you're no longer using, they're sure to appreciate it.

A Sticky Treat

One of the best parts about going back to school is shopping for clothes and accessories that tell people who you are and what things you like. Laptop stickers are a staple in some parts of the tech industry, but kids are more likely to take to these decorations without fear. Let your aspiring programmer show their stuff with some laptop stickers. We offer some that are custom-made for Python developers. Encourage your young coder to show membership to the Python club with these colorful decorations.

A New Laptop

“New” to them, but not necessarily “new” to you. Spruce up an old laptop that you no longer use, or buy one cheap from a friend!

As we grow up, we learn the importance of maintaining work-life balance, and how having specific tools for each sphere of life can help you be more present and focused in the moment. Kids may not have learned this yet, but you can help them by providing them with a major tool that they can use to focus on their Python skills.

Be sure to let them know that you recommend using the “new” laptop for work or school only, so that when the time comes they can truly relax on their personal devices.

An Exclusive Membership

We know that who you know is sometimes much more important that what you know. Kids seems to intuitively get this as well, linking up and making friendships quickly and intensely. Help steer your budding coder in the right direction by giving them access to a selective network of stellar people.

PythonistaCafe is a private, invite-only forum made for Python developers. A membership to this exclusive space will put your aspiring programmer in touch with hobbyists and professionals from around the world. They'll learn how to ask good questions and collaborate with others in a safe place. This is a gift that will be greatly appreciated for many years to come.

A Helpful Mentor

If you're tight on cash but still want to help an up-and-coming developer, then the most priceless gift you can give is yourself and your time.

Having a mentor is the key to navigating the tech industry safely and effectively. You've been there, and you know what these kids are going to need to do to succeed. So why not be their mentor? Give them a few months of dedicated time, resources and attention. They won't be able to express in words their appreciation for access to your expertise.

A Gift Basket

Not sure what exactly your developer-in-the-making would like? Cover all your bases with a wonderful gift basket!

Gift baskets let you put multiple gifts together in one attractive package Fill it up with goodies like books, pens and notepads, a thumb drive, and a mug to kickstart their coffee or tea habit. They'll be sure to find something they love inside!

Don’t forget to check out our line of gifts for Python developers! From T-shirts and hoodies to mousepads and more, we’ve got everything you need to find the perfect gift for the aspiring Pythonista in your life.

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