"from coffee import *" Python Sticker

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"from coffee import *" Python Sticker

This Pythonic sticker has the words "from coffee import *" written on it in a unique hand-lettered typeface. This is the perfect reminder to start your coding day well caffeinated. 

Yes, a wildcard import might not be 100% PEP 8 compliant—but it makes for a superior joke. And that's all that counts :-) Besides, it's a great conversation starter—"Dude/Dudette, your Python sticker failed my linter check!"

In short, this sticker is just perfect for your laptop, tablet, or desk if you're a Python developer looking for some decoration.

Python Sticker Specs:

  • Printer die-cut vinyl sticker
  • Ideal for smooth flat surfaces
  • Width: approx. 3.5" (9cm)

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