Say Thank You to Conference Speakers With These Simple Gifts

Speakers are among the most influential leaders of the tech industry. Their powers of engagement can leave an audience buzzing with excitement. They are the cornerstones of any tech event, and they put in a lot of time and effort into making each event a success. How could you ever thank them?

If you've got an amazing speaker in need of some appreciation, then look no further! We've got a list of awesome speaker gift ideas to help you say thanks.

Audible Membership

Speakers can spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to conferences and events. One way to say thank you is with a gift that will help them shorten those travel times. An Audible membership is the perfect present for someone who’s come a long way to speak for you. Give them something to lessen the burden of those long flights and mind-numbing car drives.


An always-appreciated classic. T-shirts are especially economical if you’re buying gifts for a large number of people, such as all speakers who attended your tech conference. You can order your own custom shirts, or you can look online until you find the perfect design. If your event features Python, we’ve got dozens of designs for you to choose from right here on Nerdlettering. Why not take a look at some?

Moleskine Notebook

While some tech conference speakers will be using technology at some point during their presentation, others might prefer a more analogue approach. If your speaker is known for writing things out by hand, then a Moleskine notebook is the perfect gift for them. As an added touch, throw in an engraved pen and leave your own hand-written thank-you note just inside the cover.

Coffee Mug

Perfect for those conference speakers who need a good pick-me-up before stepping out on the stage. Give them their own coffee mug to indulge their caffeine habit! This is what the organizers of PyCascades chose to do for their 2018 conference. All speakers received their very own coffee mug, hand-designed by yours truly.

Food Delivery

This is a surefire way to gain favor not just with the speaker, but with their entire organization as well! Have an assortment of fruit, cookies, breakfast items or other such foodstuffs sent directly to your speaker’s office. You want to show appreciation to their team as well for allowing them to come. They’ll be sure to send your speaker back for the next event!

A Gift Basket

Not sure what exactly your conference speaker would like? Cover all your bases with a wonderful gift basket! These thoughtful arrangements let you put multiple gifts together in one attractive package. Fill them up with goodies like notebooks, pens and notepads, a thumb drive, gift cards, and even a coffee mug or rolled-up T-shirt. They’ll be sure to find something they love inside!


Everyone says it’s the thought that counts, but choosing the appropriate gift for someone can be nerve-wracking. This is even more true for public figures who put in a lot of work to help pull off an amazing conference. If you were struggling to think of the perfect gift, we hope this list gave you some inspiration! For more ideas on gifts and giveaways, check out our online store right here at Nerdlettering.

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